Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh, dear. It's been awhile.

I've failed big time at keeping up with this blog. I do not want to abandon it though! Life changed and I simply fell out of the habit.

We got the house we were wanting in Carlisle and we've been here for close to two months now. It's beautiful and I love it and the location. But... we're moving again. Unbelievable, right? We are renting a fairly expensive place but we had no idea how crazily high the utilities were going to be. Our first gas bill came and it was £200 for one month! Electric was nearly £100 for one month! It's just way too much money to be spending on utilities and is going to force us to redo our budget and cut our personal spending by more than we're willing to. So, as soon as the lease is up we'll be off to another home.

It's exhausting moving so often. This is my tenth place in seven years and we'll be off to the eleventh soon enough. I'm so over it. I really am.

 Now that I know I'll be leaving this place in a few months I feel like I'm in limbo and can't be bothered with any more decorating. I was all excited to get my Biorb aquarium up and running again once the Christmas tree came down but now I can't see the point in that until we move again. It's things like that that do my head in. The same thing that happened in Glasgow.

I'm going to miss the beautiful details in this Victorian house!

When we do move we're going to see if we can find a place that allows pets. We're considering getting a dog, which is CRAZY because my husband and I are NOT dog people! But, Isaac loves them and if he can't have a sibling to grow up with then the least we can do is give him a best friend to grow up with. We have a lot of research to do into finding the right breed for us and I'm quite nervous about it but I think it'll be good for him. 

I still can't believe I'm going to be looking for a new place to live so soon.