I often feel like a fish out of water.

In 2005 I moved from America to England for love. I am one of those crazy people you hear about who meet someone online and fall in love before ever meeting in person. Yeah, it can happen and lucky, lucky me, because it turned out to be all I hoped it would be and more. We’re happily married and have a two year old boy we adore.

But about this fish out of water thing, being in a foreign country does that to a person. Being a new mom also does that to some of us, although I’m getting a bit better at being that. Now I’m about to move to Scotland, which is a lot like England, but I’m expecting more of that “fish out of water” feeling. They may speak the same language but the accent is different (and often very difficult to understand) and there is a lot of new slang to learn. I’m still learning English slang after seven years! Not only that, but I’m moving from rural England to the largest city in Scotland. And, aside from my husband and my little boy, I won’t know a soul. But I like new adventures.

You may want to know who I am as a person. I’m a typical Pisces--generous, patient, compassionate, accepting, adaptable and friendly but often let others walk all over me, am easily led, indecisive and over-sensitive. I’m also an INFP personality. I’m a dreamer and often lost in my thoughts. I’m a peacemaker. I hate conflict and confrontation and will go to great lengths in order to avoid it, unfortunately, to my own detriment. I will apologize to people who should be apologizing to me, just to calm the situation but I will secretly hold a grudge for it. I complain too much about the little things (I’m tired, I’m hungry, it’s too hot, etc) but I’m a happy person and I always look for the good in people.

I love beautiful things. I love the sea and anything that reminds me of it. I prefer to listen to my music through headphones or turned up so loud that I can’t hear myself sing. I like sitting alone in coffee shops with a good book. I enjoy going to restaurants alone and am not embarrassed by it. I make time to read every day. I hate clutter but seem to live in a constant state of it.

This blog is about my life. It's a place to document the changes, the happiness, the sad times and the growth of my little boy. I don't expect it to be interesting to everyone who comes across it and I'm okay with that because it's really just here for me.

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