Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So What! Wedensday {4}

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I have been eating more than my planned calories the past few days. I've been feeling extra hungry.
  •  I didn't go out for  a walk the past two days aside from going to see the doctor and going to the corner shop.
  •  It's rained at some point every single day since we moved to Glasgow three weeks ago. EVERY DAY.
  • There is an awesome Salvation Army across the street from me that sells furniture for insanely cheap prices. I go there every day hoping to find some awesome random things to add to our flat.
  • I still haven't tried out the American cafe across the road. I had hopes of going there for breakfast a few times a week when my husband starts classes but it's a bit too expensive for that.
  • I'm still playing Minecraft. It's fun.
  • Moving house got me hooked on caffeine again because I was convinced it would help give me energy while packing.
  • I still haven't been shopping in the city centre. There is plenty of time.
  • I downloaded a hidden object game on my phone and it's been taking over my reading time before bed. Why are they so addictive?
  • I'm wearing mismatched socks, as per usual.
  •  It's 5pm and I haven't woken Little Man up from his nap. The peace and quiet is...well, peaceful and quiet.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Life in an Instagram {7}

I haven't done this link up in several weeks due to moving but I'm going to dump all the photos here anyway!

1. Isaac playing with a numbers board at softplay.
2. Picking Peppa's nose.
3. He loves these car rides. I'm a sucker and always give him a coin for them.
4. Near my old flat in Carlisle.

1. This hot air balloon would fly over our old flat about once a week. We got in the car and chased it down this time because Isaac loved it so much.
2. Church in Carlisle that I snapped a pic of walking through the city centre.
3. Isaac with his  cupcake mix watching an airplane.
4. Making cupcakes.

1. Cupcakes!
2. Pretty road near Carlisle
3. Birds!
4. Wheat field

1. Those trees in the background are lining the road in the above picture. It's so pretty there.
2. Sheep!
3. Isaac thinks sheep are hilarious.
4. Out for a pub meal with the in-laws.

1. Take from the train to Leeds.
2. Isaac on the train to Leeds.
3. A bunch of designer stores in Leeds.
4. Leeds city centre.

1. Isaac loves wearing other peoples' shoes. Here he is with my cheap flip-flops.
2. Walking to the playground.
3. Trying on a hat at H&M. Bought him that sweatshirt because he didn't want to take it off and it was cute.
4. At Morrisons buying flowers for Grandma's birthday.

1. Way proud of this drawing as it's the first time he's ever said he was drawing something specific. This was a duck. he even asked for an orange crayon to make the "nose."
2. Brownie and juice at Starbucks.
3. A little American cafe in Glasgow that is across from our new flat. Looking forward to trying it out.
4. At a random playground we came across in Glasgow.

1. Helping to get his car bed to the lift on moving day!
2. Stayed a night at a hotel during the move. He got a new little scottie dog that he made watch tv.
3. Fruit Loops at Tesco! Apparently, only for a limited time. They aren't as good as the American ones as some of the ingredients aren't allowed here.
4. Isaac and I playing with the camera.

1. Isaac's self portrait!
2. I love how foreign this makes it seem here to me.
3. Hunterian Museum at University of Glasgow. Museums are free here!!
4. Signs in a little shop on Byres Road. I love my west end flat, too.

1. An old police box at the other end of Byres Road. Dr Who fans will recognize it as a TARDIS.
2. Took Isaac for some ice cream while we had lattes.
3. I don't know what these were but they were hanging from a tree outside the library at the University of Glasgow.
4. This shop...just... I can't decide if it's amazing or awful.

1. Found a four leaf clover. Immediately after I found a five leaf clover!
2. Isaac driving a bus at the store.
3. Playing with the camera before bed.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Well, we're now in our new home in Scotland. I like Glasgow quite a lot so far.

We've been in our house for a week now. Moving was hard work with a toddler and we are still only half unpacked. Trying to sort out a new place for everything isn't easy, especially since we've moved into a smaller place. I do like the flat though.

Our location is brilliant. It's a one minute walk out to a major road that is absolutely filled with shops, restaurants and cafes. There are also loads of charity shops and I can't get over how cheap they all are compared to down in Carlisle. I love a good bargain and don't mind second hand toys for Isaac at all. I even picked him up a brand new pair of Ted Baker jeans for 75p.

There's an American breakfast and lunch cafe a very short walk from us. I haven't been in yet but I'm looking forward to trying it. The owner is from Scotland but he spent five years living in New York City and Florida and has modelled his shop on NYC cafes. He even imported a NYC police car and a NYC cab that sit in front of his shop and also get hired out. He parks the cars across from our flat at night and he was driving the police car yesterday while we were out there. I was pointing it out to Isaac and the guy turned on the lights and sirens for Isaac and he got so excited. Now he's constantly pointing out the car.

Last weekend my father-in-law and his wife came up to see our new place and we went out for lunch and coffee and also took them to the university and to the Hunterian Museum there. It was a really nice day. At the moment they're talking about coming up every other weekend. Not sure if that will actually happen but I am looking forward to it.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Izzy Says

I bought Izzy some little animals from a 10p bin at a charity shop in Glasgow yesterday. Just now he brought this one to me.

Izzy: "Bird!"
Me: "That bird is called a peacock."
Izzy: "Peapock."
Me: "Can you say peacock?"
Izzy: "Peapock!"
Me: "Peacock."
Izzy: "PEAPOCK!"
Me: "Yeah!"  LOL

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So What Wednesday {3}

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I haven't watched any of the Olympics, including the opening ceremony. Apparently, because I'm living in the host country I should be really into it but I'm not. 

  • We didn't move when we were supposed to due to my husband being ill.

  • I bought my son an entire pack of Happyland animals just to get him the chicken in a nest with baby chicks.

  • I didn't log my calories on MFP for the past 3 days. I'm back at it now.

  • We kept toys from the toy library for like 5 months. I returned them today! Still can't believe they never phoned me or sent me a letter about them.

  • I returned a bunch of books late to the library because I knew we wouldn't be checking any out again before we moved. Now I owe fines.

  • Tomorrow we have to drive up to Glasgow and sit around in our new and very empty place all day long just to wait on a technician to come out and set up our phone and broadband. That's three hours of driving to look forward to.

  • I think I'm going to start deleting people on Facebook who post pictures making fun of obese people. It angers me every time and I don't need the negativity. Rant about this coming soon on my blog.

  • Tesco is now carrying Fruit Loops so I'm suddenly desperate for some. They were out of stock yesterday but I'll probably buy some as soon as I see the on the shelf just because....homesickness, ya know.

  • I started playing Minecraft again because one of my cousins is now running a server. Like I don't waste enough time these days.