Monday, 17 September 2012


I have been feeling a lot better about what happened at the doctor's office last week. Isaac is bright, he's hitting all of his milestones and I just don't feel like anything is off. If there is some kind of abnormality, it must be extremely mild but I just really don't think there is. We went back to the doctor's office last week though to try to get his files from the specialist sent up  here so he can be referred to the hospital here as I had no luck with them on the phone. The receptionist was very short with me and just answered, "We don't do that," for any request I made. So,  hopefully our new GP is sorting it out for us.

I went to the Salvation Army auction for that ball chair. As soon as I was there I spotted this two guys and girl who were very hipster looking and I just knew they were there for that chair. Sure enough, they were after that chair and it was clear that they decided it was theirs and they were going to get it no matter how much it cost them. In the end they paid £330 for it! So, no ball chair for me.

I love that Salvation Army though. The amount of stuff that goes through there is unreal. The back of the store is right across from my window so I see the truckloads going in and out every day. Yesterday I popped in and found an Ikea laptop table that seems brand new for £5. I was looking at getting that very one so it was a lucky find. I also paid £2 for a brand new skirt with the tags still on it. Now I'm watching out for a small table to go inside the hallway by the front door.

My mom is going in for a major major surgery next month. She's really scared and it sucks that I can't be there. So I'm trying to put together a care package for her but with no food items as she'll be on a liquid diet for several weeks after. When you think about care packages they are usually stuffed with food so it's not easy trying to think of things to put in it. I'm going into the city tomorrow and will see if I can find some bits for it.

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