Sunday, 2 September 2012

My flat

I'm slowly working on getting our flat decorated. We're looking to order two pieces of art for our living room walls. I'm going to choose one and my husband is going to choose one. We've decided to try to find something from the DeviantArt shop so that we have something different from the same old stuff we keep seeing in the shops. Some of them are really expensive and after browsing the online shop on several different days I still haven't decided on anything yet. I'm waiting for something that really speaks to me.

We've got beige carpet and dark chocolate brown leather sofas. We're going to go with red as an accent color. The Salvation Army across the road from us is having an auction this week and this awesome white with red interior ball chair was in it!

I've wanted one of those chairs since I was a teenager so if I can get that it'll be like a little dream come true for me!  I don't know yet how much we'll have to spend on it but they average £500 brand new and it is in immaculate condition as far as I can tell. So, fingers crossed! I'd love to be curled up in there with my laptop.

I've also got this lovely 60 litre BiOrb that I get to put up. It sat in a closet at our last two places so I'm looking forward to getting it running again and finding some fish to go inside. I'm thinking maybe just some guppies because they're really colorful and it'll hold quite a few. I think Isaac might really like them. I'm hoping to try out some live plants for the first time, too.

 I'm really looking forward to getting this place completely set up. Most places we've lived I haven't bothered with getting stuff on the walls because of how often we move but most of the walls in this place have picture hooks on them already so I won't be doing any damage. I can't wait until my husband gets through university and grad school so we can look for a house to buy!

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